CHSAA votes against changing high school sports schedule

Football to start in the spring
Posted at 11:37 AM, Sep 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-09 13:37:08-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — After talks of starting the high school football season in fall, CHSAA voted unanimously Tuesday to continue with plans to kick off the season in the spring.

Earlier this summer, CHSAA announced contact sports, such as football, would be played in the spring 2021. However, with the state's low number of COVID-19 cases and increased public pressure, the matter has been revisited over the past few weeks.

CHSAA Commissioner Rhonda Blanford-Green announced on Monday that she would be meeting with Gov. Jared Polis and his COVID-19 response team this week to reconsider the 2020-2021 football season as previously approved by the governor's office.

During a press conference Tuesday, Polis said the state would be thrilled to work with CHSAA as long as it does not interfere with students returning to school.

However, Tuesday's board meeting brought concerns about the safety of students and about giving athletes the same opportunities to participate.

"The discussion last night amplified that there was another potential goalpost movement," said Richard Hargrove, superintendent of Springfield Schools and a member of the Board of Directors. "We have already developed a calendar that addresses the concerns of health officials, and gives all students a season and a chance to participate. We need to move forward with that plan.”

In August, CHSAA announced that high school athletics would be split into four seasons and sports teams' schedules will be shortened under the calendar for the year.

Contact sports, including football, girls volleyball, and others, had been moved to the spring, while boys golf, softball, boys tennis, and cross country are currently taking place this fall as originally scheduled – the “A” season.

CHSAA said that football practices would begin Feb. 22 and conclude on May 8 “due to the specific equipment and safety rules.”

CHSAA said it would continue meeting with the governor's staff, health officials and COVID-19 response team to implement the calendar moving forward. To read the full statement, click here.

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