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The Garden pairs local drinks with Colorado weather

Julie Nasser, Owner of The Garden
Posted at 3:28 PM, Jun 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-09 19:10:44-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — The Garden, a beer garden that opened its doors at the end of May 2021, is hard at work bringing people together over local drinks and food all while taking advantage of Colorado weather.

According to Julie Nasser, owner and operations manager for The Garden, the focus of the newly minted business is to create a space for the community.

On top of bringing people together over food, the business aims to promote other local brands, from distilleries to breweries and food trucks as well.

The Garden hosts a list of 16 rotating taps (and cans) that feature products of local breweries, as well as dishing up signature cocktails using locally crafted spirits.

"That's a key to our vision," commented Nasser, "is to always highlight what is the best."

The idea was born two years ago when Julie and her husband started looking for a beer garden space to call their own. "We were talking to some friends and they said, just do it, why don't you just do it? So, we started the journey."

In February of 2020, the two signed a lease at 401 South Nevada, Colorado Springs to begin the long process of renovating.

After delays upon delays, which the business just used to continue improvements, the couple finally opened their doors just a couple of weeks ago.

With 25 new jobs created for Colorado Springs, the next step is creating a space for musical performances, art presentations, and more.

We are going to have local arts, so not only highlighting the food and drink aspects of [Colorado Springs], we will also have a strong music venue space. It will be outdoors and it will be very intimate, we have an event coordinator who connecting with different people and looking at having murals in different places and changing them out ever so often, doing pop-up galleries, so we are going to be the place to see what's going on in Colorado Springs.
Julie Nasser

With a focus on outdoor dining and lounging, the Garden hopes that when folks visit, they make new friends and find new local brands to support.

"We hope," said Nasser, "that everyone who comes here decides, oh, I need to follow that food truck, I need to go to that brewery, I need to check out that distillery; so they're not just coming here, they're getting out there in Colorado Springs."

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