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The French Kitchen welcomes students back to cooking classes

The French Kitchen
Posted at 4:49 PM, Jan 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-19 14:34:53-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — After a rollercoaster of a year where cooking classes were canceled, brought back, and canceled again, The French Kitchen, a Colorado Springs bakery, café, cooking school, and boutique, has opened the doors to its classroom once again with the hope that those can stay open permanently during 2021.

Despite not being able to rely on consistent income from cooking classes during most of 2020, the Kitchen has stayed open, maintained the same staff size, and widely diversified its menu while also adding delivery to its roster of services.

"We totally changed the kitchen from a bakery kitchen, to a kitchen that can do everything," stated Blandin Mazeran, owner and creator of the Kitchen.

Now the shop is running deliveries every single day.

Back in December, in order to get classes back underway in some form or fashion, this local business started up online cooking classes.

"We have people who have moved out of town, different states, different countries, and now they come back to us through the online classes, which is amazing, I did not expect that," commented Mazeran.

Now, as of late January, classes have returned to the shop and both eager amateur chefs and Kitchen staff are equally eager to get cooking and continue to strengthen community bonds.

"We've built a family, so it's more than just cooking, it's that social aspect about it that I love, that when I started nine years ago, I did not see coming," finished Mazeran.

Now both online and in-person classes are up and running and Blandine hopes that going forward, her business and staff will be able to once again consistently do what they love, teach.

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