Sweetwater Flower Market offers Old Colorado City a bit of extra beauty

Sweetwater a Flower Market
Posted at 11:18 AM, Apr 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-23 13:18:35-04

OLD COLORADO CITY — The Sweetwater Flower Market opened in March in Old Colorado City is now wheeling and dealing in greenery, brightly colored flowers, locally sourced goods, and an extra dose of joy.

According to the owner and founder Kristyn Cline, the shop got its start following a trip that helped her find extra peace and joy in her own life.

"So Sweetwater comes from a journey that I took in September to Nashville, Tennessee," stated Cline.

"She came back and said, 'hey I have a dream and we're going to open a flower shop,'" commented Cline's daughter, Izzy, who works in the shop as well.

The goal for Sweetwater, situated across from Bancroft Park in Old Colorado City, is to bring extra color, texture, and beauty into the lives of everyone who walks through the doors.

"So that's really just the inspiration behind it, just to bring the happiness, the joy, the color into COVID life, for sure," continued Izzy.

"So it's not just a product that you're walking away with, it's an experience," stated Christy Metz, creative director for Sweetwater, "being in a space that makes you feel good, is welcoming, is interactive, is inspirational, is creative, all of it."

While the store may be putting down roots at its current location, one of the special features the business is boasting, is a flower truck that brings beauty to the people.

"We will bring what we call the bouquet bar to you, so the flower truck will have all the buckets and all the flowers and you can make your own bouquet," continued Cline.

The flower truck is an old, refurbished Volkswagen truck painted bright yellow.

Looking to the future, Sweetwater hopes to branch out to more locations while also deepening its roots in Old Colorado City. They hope to soon provide workshops at their store where folks can work to create beauty together.

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