Springs local food truck expands 719 Food Truck Fest

Cowgirl Kettle Corn and Lemonade
Posted at 4:46 PM, Apr 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-29 06:59:24-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — Cowgirl Kettle Corn and Lemonade started the 719 Food Truck Fest in 2020 as a way to give food trucks, themselves included, in Colorado Springs the opportunity to band together during a hard time, reach more customers, and continue to thrive. On top of that, the event has helped a number of new food trucks roll out for the first time.

"We need other people's food trucks around us, we need people to come and get a drink and maybe a snack for later," commented Holly Hand, co-owner of Cowgirl Kettle Corn and Lemonade.

"We do well with our food truck friends, our food truck friends do well when we all group together and create a rally," agreed Holly's husband Spence Hames, the other co-owner.

The rally really got its start when Holly and Spencer were approached by the pastor of the Colorado Springs Baptist Church off of Woodmen road, who asked if they would like to use the church's parking lot for events.

"We said great," stated Holly, "can we bring some friends?"

Some friends turned into more than 40 food trucks, that attend rallies on a rotation. Now each Wednesday and Saturday you can find about 15 trucks parked off of Woodmen dishing out tasty grub and bringing smiles to bellies.

"We had no idea it was going to explode like this," said Spencer.

"From just, you know, an average amount of people coming, to watching it boom and watching these trucks have their best days ever; it's been pretty awesome," added Holly.

The food truck fest requires at least a $15 donation from trucks to the church that is leasing the parking space and $5 for administration fees which Holly and Spencer use for signage and promoting the fest.

Far from being the end of the road, this event is continuing to grow, the fest adding Sportsman's Warehouse to the roster of locations for Tuesdays (starting May 4th) and working to add a Friday event to that same location as well.

Cowgirl Kettle Corn reports that perhaps one of the most satisfying things they have been able to be a part of, is helping provide a space not just for veteran food truckers but also for those who are breaking into the scene and need a place to start.

"We love watching these new trucks come up here and thrive, and we love coming up here and thriving alongside them," finished Spencer.

The goal is to promote local businesses and bring people together over food.

To learn more about the 719 Food Truck Fest, including hours and locations, CLICK HERE.