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Snowberry Bakehouse creates sweets worth smiling about

Snowberry Bakehouse
Posted at 5:10 PM, Feb 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-19 14:35:28-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — Snowberry Bakehouse, a Colorado Springs local bakery run and operated by Jennifer Denman, works every day to create and distribute pastries and sweets around town; as Valentines approaches, this small business if finding one more way to bring an extra bit of joy to families in our area.

Snowberry creates a wide variety of baked goods, but Jennifer says her bread and butter, if you'll excuse the pun, is creating and marketing a wide assortment of breakfast pastries which can be found at eight coffee shops around our area.

"Baked goods like scones, muffins, cinnamon rolls... it's what pays the bills," she commented.

Over the course of the past year, Snowberry has not only worked hard to continue providing tasty creations to various shops around town, but has felt the generosity and support of the community.

"The biggest thing that I was thankful for this past year was the support of the community," stated Denman, "Colorado Springs is fiercely supportive of small businesses."

As Valentines Day approaches, this bakery is working to offer one more edible avenue towards a happy holiday and content stomach. Currently Snowberry is accepting orders for Valentines Day cookie kits which will allow kids to create, decorate, and consume their own heart-shaped confections.

"I think I just always want kids to feel free to always be creative, there's no wrong way to decorate a cookie."

Going forward, Denman says she hopes to continue delivering smiles and make the upcoming seasons better for Coloradans.

To learn more about Snowberry Bakehouse, CLICK HERE.