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Run by family and made from scratch, Lolley's Ice Cream shop dishes out dessert

Lolley's Ice Cream
Posted at 6:42 PM, Mar 31, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-31 20:44:55-04

MONUMENT — Started by a Monument family during their quest to find and then make the best ice cream, Lolley's Ice Cream is now dishing out dessert and looking to be something special for folks in the area.

The search for frozen perfection started when Shelley and Dustin Sapp relocated from the Midwest to Colorado. Following the move, this family began a long and winding expedition and exploration into the wilds that make up the vast array of ice cream flavors.

After much consideration, a year's worth of studying, recipe testing, and trial and error, the Sapp family settled on changing the form of their passion for ice cream from primarily one of exploration to one, instead, of creation, kicking off Lolley's Ice Cream shop!

"That's the passion that drives us," said Shelley, "we love to eat, we love sweets and we wanted to share it with everyone!"

Everything in the shop, ice cream, toppings, cones, cookies, and more are all made from scratch.

Our entire family's crazy about ice cream, and can't wait to share our favorite homemade recipes with our neighbors. We're proud to create ice cream made in-house with fresh all natural ingredients, no preservatives, gluten free, and packed with flavor!
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In terms of location, Dustin and Shelley purchased a 145-year-old house near downtown Monument and set to work drawing up plans for hefty renovations.

"We gutted it, renovated it... the inside needed a lot of work," commented Shelley.

Plans were finalized and submitted by the couple dedicated to the new creamery, right around March of 2020.

The pandemic delayed construction, changed costs, and caused a slew of issues. Dustin estimates that, all told, the opening was delayed by about six months.

However, the delay also allowed the Sapp family to engage the community and get a grip on what they needed to be prepared for.

"That allowed us to engage the community via social media, bring them along for the journey, show the renovation HGTV style," said Dustin.

By the end of 2020, the house was completely revamped and renewed, creating an inviting space to feature the family's homemade ice creams and toppings.

During December the family began to sell pints of vanilla, reporting great community feedback; near the start of 2021, the shop opened its doors to the public.

Currently the shop is still in its 'soft opening' phase, with a planned grand opening in May.

Through trials, delays, flavor experimentation, and more, Shelley and Dustin have maintained a solid interest in providing a space that those in Monument and the surrounding areas can call their own.

"There's something special about that experience when you're a little kid," commented Dustin, "and when you're a big kid, an adult, coming in and reliving those experiences. So, when we saw this property, we knew that this could be a place where today's little kids could have [those sorts of] memories when they're big kids, like we are."

When you walk into the establishment, you'll see a number incredible illustrations done by Colorado artist Mark Ludy that help to lend the charming creamery even more family-friendly flare.

For more information on Lolley's Ice Cream shop, CLICK HERE.