Red Swing Brewhouse works to provide a 'backyard party' atmosphere

Red Swing
Posted at 3:42 PM, Apr 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-07 22:50:59-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — Red Swing Brewhouse, taking over the space once occupied by FH Beerworks in downtown Colorado Springs, opened its doors in March following months of delays and is working to create an atmosphere that feels like that of a backyard party.

The brewery, already featuring 14 beers on tap with more on the way, is named after a red swing that was tied to the branch of an old elm tree in the backyard of the owner's, Claude Burns, home.

The hope is to create an atmosphere reminiscent of that feel of hanging out in a backyard, being comfortable with family.

"[It's about] family, just being out; we really wanted to gear this taproom as kind of a backyard party," said Burns.

"he takeaway is, it's just a nice way to put your mind at ease and unplug from the weirdness of the last year," stated Alan Stiles, head brewer at Red Swing.

According to Burns, the brewery has been a goal for him for about seven years.

Attached to the communities he experienced in and around breweries and practicing his own home brewing for a number of years, creating his own place for that type of community was the next step.

Red Swing purchased the downtown Colorado Springs space at 521 South Tejon Street at the beginning of the pandemic with the original intention of opening the brewhouse by November of 2020.

The pandemic created a number of delays, pushing the opening of the space until March of 2021.

Now that everything is up and running, Burns reports that community reception has been incredible and inspiring.

"I think we have a wide spectrum of beer that makes it really exciting, because we have something for everyone," said Stiles.

The work from here focuses around stability and continuing to set down roots while working to continue promoting positivity in Colorado Springs.

"The inspiration is bringing light and life into our taproom and brewhouse and that's really our whole goal with what we did and the designing of this place," finished Burns.

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