Munchies 719 expands to operate new kitchen alongside food truck

Munchies 719
Posted at 4:58 PM, Mar 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-24 18:58:17-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — Munchies 719 started at the end of 2019 as a food truck and has since grown to incorporate a kitchen located in downtown Colorado Springs, an addition to the business that owners didn't expect to be able to make for another few years.

The food truck turned multifaceted food service offers a wide-array of options from chicken and waffles to a philly cheese stake eggroll or pizza (depending on location).

Started as a way to provide a little bit of everything for anyone/everyone who was feeling a bit "munchy," business owner Chuck Thomas reports that Munchies 719 has really taken off in the past year.

This explosion partly due to a changing in the restaurant ecosystem during 2020, partly due to an amazing show of support by folks in the area, and partly due to a tasty and ever-changing menu.

The upward momentum prompted Chuck to lease additional kitchen space at 103 South Wasatch in Colorado Springs, a space that he shares with the Tripel Nickel Tavern and Zodiac bar.

While the truck, of course, continues to operate and bring a wide array of food all over Colorado Springs, the Wasatch space is now, as of February, providing a physical location for folks downtown to come out and enjoy.

The addition of the kitchen has also allowed Maryann Thomas, Chuck's wife and partner, to begin working full time at the restaurant.

The goal, moving forward, is to become more established in their new space and continue hoping, dreaming, and planning for the day when they can open their own standalone 24-hour diner location.

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