Meal deals and charity beers: Cerberus Brewing supports community

Cerberus Brewing
Posted at 4:31 PM, Feb 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-22 20:31:39-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — Cerberus Brewing Company has continued to find ways to not only adapt and thrive during the pandemic, but also give back and support the community of Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas via meal/drink discounts and brews specifically supporting local nonprofits and frontline workers.

Brewery management reports that the past 11 months has been a roller coaster, the inability to seat as many customers indoors as in previous years creating challenges; while curbside pickup, to-go cocktails, intentional visitation by customers, and beer sales have also created some of the best months on record for the small business.

Through it all, the brewery attributes their continued ability to stay open and provide their same quality of service, to the continued patronage of loyal customers and small business-minded Coloradans.

As the brew-based business continues to move forward, they are also continuing with their mission of throwing their own support behind the community.

Each Monday, the company provides food and drink discounts to workers in the bar and restaurant industry.

"If it weren't for community supporting us," stated Carrie Simison, brand ambassador for Cerberus, "we wouldn't be here at all. So the very least we can do, besides exist, is give back to the people who mean so much to our business."

"It's an ecosystem, we reference how people come and give to us what they can, it's the same way we have to give back to our community in those same regards," continued Nick Thomsen, a Cerberus manager.

Additionally, Cerberus is working on another charity beer.

Early in 2020, the brewery released Howling for Heroes, a beer that supported first responders; during March, Cerberus will brew up a charity beer that will support the nonprofit bike share, PikeRide.

"That charity beer will help fund our free rides and any of our other initiatives, so to be able to do that and also have beer together," said Riley Bratzler, community outreach manager for PikeRide, "is pretty great."

The beer is set to release this coming April.

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