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Mash Mechanix: The next downtown Colorado Springs brewery

Posted at 7:30 PM, Mar 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-12 21:30:26-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — Mash Mechanix (MM) has been working diligently to craft a space that has something for everyone. Situated in a more-than-century old building given new life, the team hopes to grow alongside the eastern downtown community in Colorado Springs.

The brewery, born from the dreams of co-owners Ryan Close and Leif Anderson and their co-conspirator and co-founder Kevin Olsen, is the culmination of more than a decade of home brewing and gathering ideas from brew-pub hopping.

The building chosen to be the home of MM was constructed back in 1906 and has led a long and storied past. Formerly the space was home many things, including a church, then a tattoo parlor, then a scooter shop, and now a brewery.

The team behind MM hopes to provide something for everyone, and will work to always have a list of 15 different taps at all times.

"You know the short of it is," stated Kevin, "we want to share happiness. We want it to be a place where people can come after a long day, gather with some friends and loved ones, kick back and relax a little bit, and just enjoy some life."

According to Leif and Ryan, the hope is to grow alongside the eastern downtown community, providing a watering hole where friends can visit, relax, and kick back.

"When your customers are here, they are enjoying themselves to the utmost," said Leif, "that's the kind of business I want to be in."

Moving forward, the plan is to occupy their space at 429 E Pikes Peak Avenue for years to come, regardless of whether they add additional brewing space or not.

As of this writing on March 12, the brewery intends to open their doors to the public soon.

Both Leif and Ryan say that the brewery has been ready to go for quite some time, they have refrained from doing so in order to help promote the other breweries in the area.

"We wanted to promote them the best that we could, and we felt that this was the only way we could, or the best way we could," said Ryan.

To learn more about Mash Mechanix and when you can visit, CLICK HERE.