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Lori Lynn's Cookies & Cream works to build community utilizing ice cream sandwiches

Lori Morrissey
Posted at 5:28 PM, Jun 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-11 19:28:40-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — Lori Lynn's Cookies & Cream, an ice cream sandwich truck that has been operating in Colorado Springs since May of 2021, is working to dish out tasty treats concocted of homemade cookies and hand-scooped ice cream all while working to build up community.

According to Lori Lynn's social media, the truck is set to have a grand opening on June 27th, all operations up until that point consist of practice runs and a soft opening.

The truck, run by veteran cookie-connoisseur and baking enthusiast, Lori Morrissey, is focused on bringing people together over dessert.

"So our whole motto is that we connect people, cookies, and ice cream," stated Lori.

Each ice cream sandwich is made on the truck, and made to order. "You choose your cookie flavor, you choose your ice cream flavor, and we put it together for you on the truck; that's just your special sandwich," Lori continued.

Lori Lynn's Cookies & Cream

The passion for cookies that drives Lori and her ice cream team forward can be traced back to her childhood.

"My grandpa, when I was little, always told me that I would some day be able to sell my cookies, he just knew that they were so amazing that I would be able to sell my chocolate chip cookies."

From 2016 until 2019, Lori also ran her own bakery, before deciding to step back.

Then, during 2020, feeling that Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas could use an extra boost in morale, Lori took some business classes, rediscovered her passion for bringing cookies to the world, and decided to open and run a food truck.

"As I was doing this, I realized, I really love doing this and I want to make this what I do all the time."

The food truck that she ultimately settled on (now named Marta), was purchased from an individual in Houston, prompting quite a long road trip.

Lori Lynn's Cookies & Cream

"[We] drove Marta all the way back, road-tripped for two days, lost our voices because it's a really loud diesel truck; and yeah, from there on we've just kind of taken off."

Once the truck was purchased, secured, painted, and decked out, Lori Lynn's C&C operation finally got underway, already dishing out cookie and ice cream goodness ahead of the planned June 27th grand opening.

Each sandwich handed out to visitors comes with a question on the packaging that will prompt conversation, it's a way that this truck hopes to promote community.

"So," commented Lori, "the way that I see it, obviously after a year of pandemic, the need to connect with each other is huge, I also felt like the need was there beforehand. I love connecting people with each other."

Looking to the future, Lori hopes to franchise out the business and bring cookies and cream-based joy to a wider audience.

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