Humble Coffee works to support local businesses

Humble Coffee
Posted at 4:18 PM, Jan 11, 2021

COLORADO SPRINGS — Humble Coffee, a Colorado Springs local coffee drive-thru, has started a year long campaign of promoting other local businesses through a combination of social media posts and gift card giveaways.

"We had a good year, things are going well for us, but we aren't ignorant that it did not go well for other people, and that's what we really wanted to focus on," stated Aaron Blea, co-owner of Humble.

The small business believes that because they are doing well, they should help out both their neighboring businesses and also local shops and organizations throughout Colorado Springs.

"If our neighbors are doing well, that's going to impact us, if we're doing well we should impact our neighbors," continued Aaron.

"We just kind of figured, we're spending however much money on promotions, we should be promoting other small businesses too," said Joshua Jewell, the other co-owner.

Humble is choosing ten local businesses each month, giving them a shout-out on social media, and the purchasing $25 gift cards from the various locations. These cards are then distributed via raffle to those who check in at the coffee venue or tag Humble on Facebook or Instagram.

"$250 a month, that's not a gold mine," commented Aaron, "but what we really want to do is encourage people to go out there and find new businesses that they can help support on a daily basis like they've come out and supported us."

The plan is to run this campaign of giving through the duration of the year.

For more on this campaign, visit Humble at theirFACEBOOK PAGE.