Graze Confections adds extra dose of sweetness to Colorado Springs

Graze Confections
Posted at 6:19 PM, Mar 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-25 20:19:25-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — Graze Confections, a home based dessert shop in Colorado Springs, may have only started up in October, but is already working hard to make Colorado Springs as sweet as possible.

Opened in October by owner/operator Aubrey Arnold, the kitchen has been working furiously to create custom boxes to graze on filled with breakable chocolate treats (with more treats inside), chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries, cupcakes, cookies, and cocoa bombs.

The Cocoa bombs, which are, of course, giant chocolate spheres stuffed with cocoa mix and marshmallows that you pour hot milk over in order to create hot chocolate, were what jump started the business during the final months of 2020.

Aubrey reports that she and her husband were in the kitchen non-stop working to fill orders and create chocolate goodies.

In general, however, GC is a side job, Aubrey spending an additional 15-20 hours each week in the kitchen on top of her regular work.

She believes it's all worth it to see the smiles on people's faces when they receive a box full of unique treats.

"Well, I hope they can definitely taste that it's homemade and the love we put into it," said Aubrey.

The work, which also acts as a stress reliever for Aubrey, is something she hopes to eventually turn into a full time job with her own storefront. She says that so far the community support she has seen has been overwhelmingly encouraging.

"We've really had a lot of support from the community, they're really rallying around small businesses and making sure they're able to be successful."

For more information on Graze Confections and where you can find their desserts, CLICK HERE.