Full Board Charcuterie prepares for major growth following local support

Full Board Charcuterie
Posted at 4:44 PM, May 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-24 18:44:24-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — Full Board Charcuterie, a Colorado Springs charcuterie startup that began churning out tasty boards at the end of 2020, is working to bring people together over food and planning an expansion into a new kitchen space.

The concept, which is dedicated to providing an 'experience' to those who make a purchase, started out as a fun end of week tradition for Deanna Voss and her family.

Friday nights meant charcuterie creation time, where family members worked together to create fun and engaging platters of tasty treats.

Eventually that idea evolved, creating Full Board, which Deanna reports is receiving massive amounts of support and interest from the Colorado Springs community.

"I decided to try it and we sold out within two hours," stated Deanna, "and that seems to be the curve that we're on, every time we offer, we sell out."

The business began as a side project on New Years Eve 2020 and has grown to such an extent that now the business occupies Deanna's time for about 30 hours each week.

"We want to make sure that we always create and experience, not just a board; something that looks pretty, something that's going to bring people together is really our goal," commented Deanna.

Full Board, which has operated out of a home kitchen up until now, is moving towards a commissary kitchen, where Deanna hopes to bring on staff and grow the brand even more.

The goal of the food based business is to bring people together over food.

"I think being able to come around the table with food kind of makes it a little more special, something that we've missed out on for a really long time."

Looking ahead, once operations are settled into a stable pattern, Full Board hopes to begin shipping product throughout the states.

"I mean the outpouring of support in the community has been amazing," finished Deanna, "and we just decided let's do this and take it all the way."

Currently Full board is only offering pick-up services, but are working towards offering delivery options.

To learn more about Full Board Charcuterie, CLICK HERE.