Frankly joins the Colorado Springs coffee scene

Frankly Coffee
Posted at 6:32 PM, Jun 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-16 20:33:38-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — As of the beginning of May, Frankly Coffee, a new coffee shop located off of Colorado Avenue in Colorado Springs, has opened its doors and is working to help folks start their days off right.

The 270-square-foot space, co-founded by both Brandon and Kelly Noffsinger, is filled to the brim with character and is dishing out brews made with roasts that hail from both Denver and Portland.

For the Noffsingers, sharing good experiences is just part of the day to day, making their new shop simply a natural extension of what they love to do.

"We've always loved having people over at our house and we've always loved good things, good food, good drinks and we love sharing them with people," commented Kelly, "so this is almost kind of a natural way to do that with the community."

The two entrepreneurs have been dreaming about joining the food and drink industry for years, so this past year decided to jump in with both feet.

"I think since we were in our 20s we were saying, we should open a coffee shop someday," added Kelly.

The planning and renovations took about an entire year, but with the compliments of each new customer that walks through the door, the Noffsingers say it was worth it.

"The first thing that everybody says is, oh my gosh this place is so cute," continued Kelly.

The goal for the coffee shop is, again, clearly to share great coffee and locally sourced pastries (from the French Kitchen), but also to ensure the neighborhood it's located in has a space for coffee, a place to start the day right, and a place to be a part of a community.

"I really want them to walk away with a feeling as though we care about them, as though they were important," stated Jeremy,"a coffee shop is more than just a good cup of coffee and a good pastry, it's more of an experience."

To learn more about Frankly Coffee, CLICK HERE.