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Dog-centric nonprofit raises $40,000+ for animal rescues

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Posted at 4:42 PM, Feb 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-19 14:35:03-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — Rescued Hearts Unique Boutique, a nonprofit thrift store that donates all proceeds to animal advocacy and shelter groups, has adapted and carried on through a season of COVID, managing to raise and donate more money in 2020 than in 2019.

"We are an all volunteer, non-profit store," commented co-founder Terra Kraettli, "we take in donations, we turn it into cash in the thrift store, and we re-donate the money to 15 different rescue groups that are in the Colorado Springs area."

Following a closures of several weeks in early 2020, the shop re-opened and, thanks to a caring community, stayed open during an incredibly difficult year and raised more than $40,000 to benefit the various animal rescue organizations they support.

"Since we reopened," stated Linda Hoover, another co-founder, "business has been [amazing], people could not wait to come in [and] support the mission. They had cabin fever and wanted to get out of the house to a place that mattered to them."

Inside the store, customers are required to adhere to safety regulations, but are still always greeted by several dogs who love to mosey about the store bringing general good cheer and wagging tails.

"We have been so gratified and amazed and thankful at this community, how it has supported the rescue groups and us," said Linda.

"It's encouraging to know that even with the times being the way they have been, there are still people who care about other people and about pets," finished Terra.

During 2020 and continuing into this year, the small nonprofit thrift shop has had to reduce hours. Rescued Hearts has also been operating with a smaller volunteer base, as many choose to stay home and out of public spaces, but they report that some of those volunteers are beginning to return.

These obstacles haven't caused this operation to waiver, the founders firmly believing that they can and should continue to help rescues and animal advocacy groups because those organizations are experiencing tough times as well.

The women who founded and operate Rescued Hearts don’t just donate time and proceeds, they also offer tips and advice to customers with pet obedience. Their goal is trying to keep more dogs and cats in homes and out of shelters.

Additionally, donated items that the boutique can’t use are given to organizations that help other groups.

Rescued Hearts hopes to increase the amount they can donate in 2021 by 30 percent over funds raised during 2020.

For more information on Rescued Hearts, CLICK HERE.