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Dee Tacko tackles obstacles, plans for future

Juan Herrera, co-owner of Dee Tacko
Posted at 6:49 PM, Mar 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-04 10:39:08-05

PUEBLO — Dee Tacko, an eight-month-old Mexican restaurant situated in downtown Pueblo, continues to leap the hurdles placed in its path by 2020 and plan for a very bright future filled with mouth-watering food.

The restaurant, which is dedicated to serving up quality food and service started with a phone call from Cesar Munoz to his brother Juan Herrera about starting a business together.

"He was like, 'hey, do you want to be owners? Let's do it,' and I was like, alright. I left everything in Oklahoma to come here and live my dream," stated Juan.

To add to the changes being made for this business, both brothers have changed professions. Leaving construction and banking careers to pursue Dee Tacko.

Additionally, while the space for the restaurant may be in Pueblo, the two currently live in the Denver area, making the trek each day for the past year to take care of business and progress their dreams.

On top of all that, the restaurant DID open during 2020, meaning capacity restrictions have been a factor since day one.

In short, there have been no shortage of obstacles to overcome, but these two avid food adventurers are continuing to move forward and look to the future.

These self-proclaimed "Taco bros" report seeing and experiencing a massive outpouring of support from the community, and attribute their continued success to that fact.

"I am so impressed with the Pueblo community, [they are] so, so strong," said Juan.

"A lot of support, lots and lots of support in every aspect," continued Cesar.

According to Juan and Cesar, the goal of their establishment is not to break records but to provide the best food and service that they possibly can.

"it takes more effort to do everything, more labor, more heart, and that's what we're doing," stated Cesar.

"It's not about breaking records, it's about every single person that comes here, I want them to look at the food when they get it and smile; that's where real happiness comes from for me," finished Juan.

Looking to the future, Juan hopes to start in on a new location this coming June and has his eyes set on either Pueblo West or Colorado Springs. From there, the hope and plan is to continue expanding through Colorado and then even further.

To learn more about Dee Tacko, visit their WEBSITE.