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Cotton Blossom Caramel brings in sweets to Colorado

Posted at 4:44 PM, Apr 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-16 18:44:28-04

BLACK FOREST — Cotton Blossom Caramel, a Black Forest bakery and candy home startup, has been churning out tasty treats since June of 2020, working to make folks' lives just a little bit sweeter.

"I think that being sweet, and eating sweet, and having that sweet life," said Liz Deen, owner and founder of Cotton Blossom, "is important, I think we just need happiness."

Owning a small business has been a dream for Liz for the majority of her life.

According to Liz, her confectionery, which sources the butter locally from Sawatch Artisan Foods for its varieties of caramel creations, has really taken off in terms of sales, making a buzz at Black Forest markets and already spreading out to other assorted venues.

"I went for it, and it's just kind of taken off wildly," she commented, "I didn't expect that and it was phenomenal."

It all started when Liz stepped down from her previous job and began the pursuit of her dream. It's a pursuit that has her spending more than 60 hours each week in the kitchen.

While the work kicked off with the creation of caramel sauces, since Cotton Blossom's inception, the list of caramel products has grown to include cakes, suckers, chews, and more.

Far from being alone in her efforts, Liz reports that her family has stepped in to help out where they can, providing a new and unique outlet for them all to spend some time together.

Due to the success of the business up until this point, Cotton Blossom is moving from a home kitchen to a shared commercial kitchen; however, Liz hopes to have her own kitchen at some point in the near future.

"So, I am going to do a shared kitchen for a while, but I really want my own kitchen so that I can diversify a little bit on where I'm at," finished Liz.

The ultimate goal is this kitchen, not a brick-and-mortar store, the aim is to be flexible and work to be featured in as many spaces, markets, ice cream shops, etc. as possible.

To learn more about Cotton Blossom Caramel, where they deliver, and how to find them at a market, CLICK HERE.