Colorado couple launches food truck with wedding funds

Solsage Food Truck
Posted at 4:22 PM, Jun 18, 2021

COLORADO SPRINGS — Following job loss in 2020, Colorado Springs couple Bria Naylor and Nick Yatsko decided to delay their wedding and reallocate that money towards the creation of a food truck that wheels and deals in homemade sausage.

For years, both Bria and Nick have dreamed about breaking into the world of food production and service, with Nick studying for years to craft specialty sausages and both citing a love for feeding people and seeing the smiles their food can provide.

"We're feeding people, and that is one thing that Bria and I really love to do," commented Nick.

Due to the effects of 2020, Nick lost his job and Bria was furloughed, prompting the couple to take their dream, which had been a long-term plan, and turn it into a reality.

The two took their life savings, including the money that would have been spent on their wedding, and used it all to purchase a truck, renovate it for food truck usage, and get Solsage (their new business) off the ground.

"We canceled our wedding that was supposed to happen last year in October of 2020 and instead we bought a food truck," said Bria.

Following months of hard work getting the truck in the proper working condition, Solsage finally rolled out at the beginning of October, 2020.

"I mean, I don't mean to be cliche about it, but it is literally everything to us," commented Bria.

According to both Bria and Nick, the community of Colorado Springs and the community of food truck operators have helped them feel incredibly welcome and help them launch and continue on with their dream.

"We feel like we've been here forever, we feel like we've been in business for years, despite being in business for less than a year," stated Bria.

According to Nick, the sausage is all homemade, doesn't use any preservatives or additives and utilizes locally sourced ingredients.

The couple says they have loved making new friends, bringing folks together over food, and plan on sticking around.

"Getting that person to person contact, especially after not being able to have person to person contact after an entire calendar year is the best part," finished Bria.

Moving forward, the Solsage food truck is here to stay but this entrepreneurial duo has plans and hopes to move their product into markets and stores far and wide.

If you would like to learn more about Solsage, CLICK HERE.