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Ciao Down food truck invites Colorado Springs into the family

Ciao Down
Posted at 4:53 PM, Mar 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-10 19:52:11-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — Ciao Down food truck, open now for just over a week, is working to make all those who visit feel like part of an extended family via the traditional Italian/family recipes being used with each meal.

According to owner and longtime dreamer of owning a food establishment, Francine Vonfeldt, the small, truck-based business is the culmination of five years of hopes and hard work.

Now that things are off the ground, Vonfeldt is excitedly sharing recipes with the public that she was taught growing up and has, in turn, used to feed her own family.

"I just want people to feel welcome and loved, I want them to taste the love in the food," stated Vonfeldt.

The feedback, according to Ciao Down, has been amazing, further inspiring this longtime cook to go above and beyond.

While each day consists of nearly 14 hours of work split between time in the truck and prep work, Vonfeldt says it's all 100 percent worth the effort.

"it's worth everything, it's been worth every moment that i was scared, every moment I've put into this, every moment of doubting," commented Vonfeldt, "it's been worth everything."

Looking to the future, the plan is to get established and then maybe down the line look into procuring another truck.

For more information on Ciao Down, CLICK HERE.