Buns and Bubbles opens, offers family recipes and Boba tea

Posted at 4:41 PM, May 12, 2021

COLORADO SPRINGS — Buns and Bubbles, a family operated restaurant dishing out Taiwanese inspired tea and Vietnamese inspired sandwiches, opened their doors in Colorado Springs at the beginning of May and already is planning their next steps.

The shop got its start following a combination of food based quests. Owner Halina Le wanted a space for Taiwanese inspired boba tea, while her sister-in-law, Sarah Phillips the general manager of Buns and Bubbles, wanted a space for Vietnamese inspired sandwiches with an American twist.

"[We've] fused Vietnamese sandwiches with an American twist to it, it's very flavorful," commented Le

"Every single little thing that we do everyday, we put our heart in it," stated Phillips.

After months of dedicated work, branding, and menu construction, Buns and Bubbles hosted its grand opening during the second full week of May 2021.

According to the proprietors, the community is already showing up in full support and the business is already planning their next steps.

"I live here in the community and did the same for a lot of restaurants, so it's kind of nice to see all the people come and support me also," stated Le.

According to Le, Buns and Bubbles will begin distributing product in the Denver area this summer and, if everything goes amazingly, the team hopes to look into setting up a second location in a year or so.

"When you go to another place, you want to find what's best," finished Phillips, "we want to be the best."

To learn more about Buns and Bubbles, CLICK HERE.