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USOPM hosts martial arts demonstrations

USOPM judo demonstration
Posted at 4:40 PM, Jul 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-29 18:40:00-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — As the Tokyo Games Fan fest kicks off, visitors to the USOPM will have a chance to witness demonstrations of all types of sports. On Thursday, the USOPM hosted demonstrations, from incredible USA athletes, of taekwondo, judo, and karate.

Starting off Fan Fest with a bang, Thursday morning guests to the USOPM had the chance to watch judo national team member Matthew Parker and judo paralympian Dartanyon Crockett showcase foundational judo throws before inviting members of the audience to participate.

Following this initial martial arts display, members of the USA National Karate Team demonstrated proper form, control, and the point system utilized in the Olympics for various hits.

Organizers and athletes made it clear that the demonstrations are intended to help connect onlookers to the Tokyo games, provide insight into the journey of being a highly competitive athlete, and inspire others to try their hand at the sports on display.

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