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Trinidad's Fox West Theatre continues journey of restoration

Posted at 3:39 PM, Oct 17, 2022

TRINIDAD — The Fox West Theatre in Trinidad, a historical landmark operated from 1908 through 2012 as both a hub for local business and activities as well as a destination for both stage performances and movie showings, is continuing to undergo massive renovations including the addition of two new businesses within the well-known edifice.

The theatre was purchased by the city of Trinidad back in 2018 with grants from History Colorado's state historical fund as well as support from Urban Neighborhoods. The project is managed by the Fox West Theatre Alliance, "A 501(c)3 organization, which has been organized to enrich the lives of residents of Trinidad and its visitors," according to the website belonging to the theatre.

If all fundraising efforts go according to timeline, the hope, according to the leadership of the non-profit group, is to have the Fox fully restored and open within the next three or so years.

The restoration encompasses more than just restoring the infrastructure of the building, bringing it up to code, and giving it a facelift; the renovations also include allowing two new businesses into the front portion of the structure, bringing the Fox into the modern era.

One of those businesses, Trinidad Tea Company is expected to open its storefront this autumn while the second business, a wine bar, hopes to be in place and open to the public sometime during 2023.

Owned and operated by Christa Franks, also a member of the board for the Fox West Theatre Alliance, Trinidad Tea is a business that aims to provide "stop and savor" moments much like the Fox itself.

The hope, by all involved, is to create a unique and engaging experience; the addition of the new businesses is just one more step towards making the Fox, once again, a focal point for Trinidad's community as well as an important cultural and economic asset for the town as a whole.

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