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Trekking with llamas in Salida

Posted at 10:31 AM, Oct 03, 2022

SALIDA — Based out near Salida, Spruce Ridge Llamas has been providing folks with a unique hiking experience for about 30 years; the goal is to help folks connect with nature and connect with each other.

The operation is owned and operated by Dan and Lilly Jones, who established the trekking service back in 1992.

"For us, it's a marvelous way to get into the backcountry," commented Dan, "and view everything that Colorado has to offer."

This specific Colorado adventure is aimed at helping folks find a peaceful space where they can reconnect with nature and refocus.

Dan admits that one of his favorite parts of the long-time operation is getting to hear the life stories of the visitors who come through, "It's wonderful to hear how that story is evolving and where they are [at]."

Over the 30 years, Dan has found that each llama he has trekked with has had a unique personality, and getting to watch folks interact and learn about the gentle giants while out on the trail is also an incredible thing.

"Connect with nature, connect with each other," said Dan, "and hopefully [they] come away being able to say, you know this is one of the best memories we've been able to have."

The llama treks are broken up into various difficulty classes to accommodate all sorts of hikers.

The outfitter's season might be over for the year, but you can find out more about Spruce Ridge Llamas by clicking on the link.