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The Sasquatch Outpost: A uniquely Colorado experience

Jim Myers - owner of Sasquatch Outpost
Posted at 6:10 PM, Apr 25, 2022

BAILEY — Just off Highway 285 in the mountain town of Bailey, you can find one road trip destination to beat all others; the Sasquatch Outpost blends fun with fascinating as it presents visitors with both a shop and museum dedicated to all things Sasquatch.

Built, owned, and operated by Jim and Daphne Myers, the front of this uniquely Colorado experience holds anything and everything you could ever hope to find when it comes to Sasquatch memorabilia.

"Anything you can imagine with Bigfoot on it," said Jim, "we've got it."

However, when you move to the back of the store, you'll find a museum stacked to the rafters with Sasquatch research dating back a number of years.

"I truly believe Sasquatch exists, I believe that the world needs to know about them, be educated about them."

And folks apparently can't get enough of the outpost, Jim reporting having seen well over 55,000 curious visitors step into the museum over the past several years.

Throughout the museum, you'll find curated articles, castings, informational videos, and various physical pieces of evidence that Jim believes help to further the case for a Sasquatch population across the country.

In the very back of the museum you'll find a map with a few hundred pins stuck in at various points all across Colorado denoting where others have reported an encounter.

"You can see across the whole state of Colorado, you can see that we're up to 350 pins on this map."

Jim also semi-regularly runs Sasquatch expeditions/investigations where he gives folks the chance to go searching for signs of Sasquatch right alongside him.

Looking to the future, Jim says that he may expand the Outpost a bit more, but he's also looking at the possibility of opening a second outpost elsewhere.

The outpost is open everyday except for Tuesdays, to find out more about this uniquely Colorado experience, CLICK HERE.