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The big baby boom at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

 Wallaby joey at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Posted at 5:50 PM, Aug 30, 2021

COLORADO SPRINGS — In a cuteness overload that's threatening to make all of our hearts collectively melt, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is in the middle of a baby boom and is working hard to showcase their new, adorable critters to anyone and everyone who walks through the front gate.

If you're trying to keep track of all the new babies that have joined the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo during 2021, well we've got a list (and this LINKfrom the zoo):

  • One Red River Hoglet
  • Three Ring-Tailed Lemurs
  • One Red-Necked Wallaby Joey
  • One Nile Hippopotamus Calf

According to keepers at the zoo, repeat visitors have been showing up day after day and week after week to keep an eye on the progress of these new, tiny residents.

"We're reaching milestone with all of these babies pretty much every single week, so my advice to anyone who wants to come see these babies is come soon and come frequently because they're growing very rapidly," commented Philip Waugh, the lead animal keeper at the zoo's exhibit, Water's Edge: Africa.

One keeper shared that it's also fascinating to watch the transformation of the adult animals that become parents.

"Seeing them going from a unit of family members to a unit of parents has been really fun and really exciting, to watch that transition and see them become almost different animals in a good way," finished Waugh.

For more information on the zoo, CLICK HERE.