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Racing go-karts atop a frozen lake in Colorado's high country

Posted at 1:38 PM, Feb 20, 2023

ASPEN — Right outside of Aspen proper, you can find a go-kart operation that only runs through the winter months and uses a frozen lake as its race course.

"It's a chance to get out on a frozen water ski lake," commented Yvette Trinkcado, co-owner of Aspen Ice Karting, "and drive fast down the straightaways and drift through those wide turns we have at the end, so it gets a little sideways out there!"

This unique Colorado attraction operates atop Kodiak Ski Lake in El Jebel, a short drive up CO-82 from Aspen, and has been providing visitors the chance to zoom across the ice from late December through February (and sometimes through the beginning of March) since their first season in 2015.

The operation requires a tremendous amount of upkeep, with owners reporting that their team spends eight or more hours during their season to make sure that the snow is cleared and the course's ice is level.

The karts aren't made for bumping into each other. They're designed for high velocity; equipped with ice tires and ice screws, they can reach speeds of about 50 mph on their frozen track (but can go even faster on asphalt).

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