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Over prepared and fully communicated: An open mic night that builds us all up

Over Prepared Open Mic
Posted at 5:19 PM, Aug 19, 2021

COLORADO SPRINGS — For more than a decade, lovers of music, musings, poems, and prose have gathered each week at Jives Coffee Lounge for an open mic in order to share what's special in their lives with the rest of those gathered in the audience; it's all just one way this corner of Old Colorado City is working to build up the community.

Lovingly (and officially) referred to as the Over-Prepared Open Mic by those who participate, the platform hosts all sorts of artists, nights often ranging from soulful to humorous and back again.

According to those that call the space a "home away from home," it's the differences and variety that help make the event special and work to build a community supportive of the arts and our neighbors.

The goal is to give local artists a platform, a place to show off their skills, hone their talents, try new things and sometimes fail, and do it all in a safe space with an encouraging crowd.

To make sure that the decade-long tradition doesn't get locked into a pattern of seeing the same few performers over and over, Marshall Pampkin II, the event's organizer, makes sure to bring newcomers and those who haven't played in a while to the front of the line during sign-ups.

It's an every Wednesday thing and each week regulars hope to see new folks, they believe that the variety and constant influx of ideas help us all grow as a community.

To find out more about the Over Prepared Open Mic Night hosted as Jives Coffee Lounge each Wednesday, CLICK HERE.