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Munchies719 brings new life to downtown legacy

Posted at 10:15 PM, Dec 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-17 00:15:43-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — Munchies719 has gone from food truck to brick-and-mortar in a span of only three years, its newly opened restaurant breathing new life into a space in downtown Colorado Springs that's already associated with good food and even better memories.

Munchies719 is owned and operated by Colorado Springs couple MaryAnn and Chuck Thomas, the two starting in on their culinary conquest at the end of 2019 and finally settling into their own business space during the final months of 2022.

The multi-focused food venture is all about fulfilling folks munchies; on the menu you can find a wide-array of options from chicken and waffles to a Philly cheesestake egg rolls, to cinnamon-sugar soft pretzels and much, much more.

"We do," commented MaryAnn, "we have a very diverse menu. You can go from tacos to waffles to sandwiches, to ice cream [also]."

The building that Munchies719 has chosen to set up in used to be known as Michelle's, a business that operated from the early 1950s through 2007 and was well known for its chocolates and ice cream.

"People are loving that it's alive again," said Chuck, "there's cases up front for them to buy sweets, then they can come and sit down and get really good, old school, homemade food."

Chuck explained that the renovation process was cranked out in about three months; the interior of the building was crafted to remind folks of Michelle's to an extent while making clear that Munchies is here to stay.

"This place is a new adventure and hopefully our future for many, many years," said MaryAnn, "it is our dream."

Going forward, this culinary-leaning couple hopes to bring more foot traffic to the northern portion of downtown and, looking to the next several years, franchise out Munchies719 to various cities.

"Everybody in the United States and beyond wants munchies," stated Chuck emphatically, "everybody loves munchies, everybody has munchies, everybody wants the munchies."

To learn more about Munchies719 and get a better look at what the old Michelle's building looks like now, head on over to the restaurant's Facebook page.