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Droves of Golden Retrievers descend upon Golden

CUTE GOLDEN PUP (goldens in golden
Posted at 12:19 PM, Feb 06, 2023

GOLDEN — Now in its third year, Goldens in Golden invites thousands of amazingly cheerful golden retrievers to participate in an epic meet-and-greet that can't help but bring smiles to anybody and everybody in attendance.

"Today is about celebrating one of the most popular and beloved dog breeds," commented Megan Pinson, the community marketing manager for Visit Golden, "Golden Retrievers, and gathering in beautiful Golden, Colorado."

The light-hearted legion of wagging tails, which could surely generate gale-force winds, is focused solely on making the first weekend of February as wholesome as physically possible.

According to Visit Golden, while it's hard to say for certain, this year's event most likely saw about 3,000 people and about as many Golden Retrievers.

Golden Retrievers and Golden, Colorado really complements one another! Goldens love our hiking trails and walking paths and enjoy socializing in our dog-friendly beer gardens and patios. After the Goldens in Golden event, we encourage people and their pups to enjoy a Golden day together, and of course, come back throughout the year to enjoy all Golden offers.
Megan Pinson

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