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Colorado couple's confectionery helps to sweeten up the Springs

Bon Bon Bombardier
Posted at 6:19 PM, Dec 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-16 20:24:27-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — One Colorado Springs couple is running a confectionery, captivating candy lovers, and working to make their city, which has so readily accepted them, just a bit sweeter.

Jenny Bazzetta and Sean Price own and operate the Bonbon Bombardier, a kitchen that caters to any and all who may have a sweet tooth.

"We are a small batch confectionery business focused on hyper-local ingredients and an ever-changing, seasonal menu," commented Jenny.

Started up back in 2017, the bombardiers say that, quite often, their signature and unique candies are created using a simple mantra.

"The flavors in the product we put out are a lot of times things that we would want to consume ourselves," stated Sean, "you know, we're like that sounds good, let's eat that."

The small candy company is focused on really supporting local producers and collaborating with local businesses in order to craft unique creations with a local flair.

Sean and Jenny report that, to date, Colorado Springs has really embraced their little business, allowing them to chase after their dreams, and prompting them to purchase a house in the area so that they can stick around for quite some time.

Currently, the Bombardiers are sharing a kitchen with Carnelian Coffee, meaning they are typically putting together all things sweet though the evening hours.

As they look to the future, they say their goals include minor expansions, but nothing dramatic.

"We're warm and cozy, like we're the local chocolatiers, we don't necessarily want to be a Willy Wonka," said Jenny.

Neither Jenny nor Sean seem to want to give up their hands-on time in the kitchen that they feel gives their confections that truly hand-crafted appeal.

Another big goal for the couple is to find more and more ways to give back, supporting local efforts that they feel passionate about and working to support other local businesses.

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