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Aspen Ice Karting: High-octane speed on a Colorado lake

Aspen Ice Karting
Posted at 4:19 PM, Feb 11, 2022

ASPEN — If you're searching for one more unique way to experience Colorado's backcountry, Aspen Ice Karting might have you covered; operating on top of a frozen lake, the outfit takes go-karts equipped with ice screws, and let's you loose to navigate their nearly-a-mile-long track at high speeds.

This unique, Colorado attraction operates atop Kodiak Ski Lake in El Jebel, a short drive up CO-82 from Aspen, and has been providing visitors the chance to zoom across the ice from late December through February since their first season in 2015.

"Most of us in Colorado, we like to ski and snowboard because we're sliding on snow, commented Yvette Trinkcado, co-owner of Aspen Ice Karting, "and this is just sliding on ice in a fast, little car."

These aren't karts made for bumping into each other, they're designed for high velocity; equipped with ice tires and ice screws, they can reach speeds of about 50 mph on their frozen track (but can go even faster on asphalt).

According to the owners of Aspen Ice Karting, although the mountain vistas surrounding the track are gorgeous, they don't distract drivers from the heart-pounding thrill of the ride.

I think it's one of those activities where you get to be so in the moment, like we hear people screaming around the corners, and going down the straightaways, they're going so fast. They're [always] yelling, 'woohoo, yeah' and coming off [the course] with such big smiles.
Yvette Trinkcado, owner

If you're interested in getting your hands on more information on how you can check out this uniquely Coloradan experience for yourself, CLICK HERE.