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Artocade Returns: Massive art car parade takes over Trinidad

Posted at 11:59 AM, Sep 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-13 14:03:17-04

TRINIDAD — The second weekend of September saw around 70 unique art cars, running the gamut from wacky and whimsical to eclectic and bizarre, descend upon the town of Trinidad for a massive parade.

The occasion marked the ninth running of Artocade, an event centered around the proud displaying of lavishly (and strangely) decked out, motorized conveyances.

The folks who craft these astounding automobiles traveled to the Colorado town from near and far, many coming from beyond state lines to be a part of what organizers are heralding to be the second-largest art car parade in the nation behind the showcase in Houston.

This year's parade included a giant robot, a bedazzled Freddie Mercury, more than one aircraft-looking contraption, the Aurora-Porschi-Alice (the pinstripe Porsche), a giant skeleton, and much more.

30 of the art cars featured in the parade came from Trinidad's Art Cartopia, a museum dedicated to all things art car related and the host of the wild event.

According to Amanda Palmer, executive director of Art Cartopia, she hopes to continue growing the event and with it the opportunities to engage young folks in the area in the arts.

Palmer's hope, and a hope repeated by many art car artists attending the weekend event, is that folks will take the creativity of Artocade to heart and work to exercise or unleash their own creative spirit.

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