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Air or Water: New suspended sculpture comes to Colorado Springs

Byeongdoo Moon
Posted at 5:46 PM, Jun 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-05 12:39:29-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — Sculptor Byeongdoo Moon, known locally for bringing incredible wire sculptures to downtown Colorado Springs, has installed his latest piece of art as a part of the 23rd annual Art on the Streets exhibition.

The new installation, conceived of two years ago, planned out for a year, worked on for four months, before being suspended dozens of feet above the ground at the Plaza of the Rockies, portrays two large, wire-constructed fish circling each other.

As with all of his pieces of art, this sculpture is made up of boundaries, lines of wire that separate what the viewer can see.

It's about what is visible and what is not visible. The whole piece is made of boundaries. Boundaries allow us to see into our imagination, between what is and what is not. This is why it is made of boundaries (lines). This is a story about fish sharing water and people sharing air and both shar[ing] the same planet.
Byeongdoo Moon

In the past Byeongdoo Moon has installed "I Have Been Dreaming to be a Tree," the sculpture of deer with antlers like a tree and also "You, Light as a Cloud."

Both installations received an amazing amount of community support and appreciation, something that truly impacted Byeongdoo Moon and his family.

Following his second installation, vandals stole a piece of the sculpture. The Colorado Springs community responded by writing a deluge of letters to the artist conveying their deepest sympathies, how much they appreciated his work, and a hope that he would return to install more sculptures in the future despite this travesty.

A post-script note on the vandalism; the piece was returned and Byeongdoo Moon returned to repair and add to the sculpture.

Due to this outpouring of community support over the years, and especially in response to the vandalism, Byeongdoo Moon and his family decided to relocate to Colorado Springs, where he continues his work as an artist.

I've had a warm relationship with Colorado Springs ever since I participated in Art on the Streets several years ago. The people here are so receptive to art and welcome my work. When my pieces were vandalized, I got such an outpouring of support that it moved my heart.
Byeongdoo Moon

Now that this most recent piece is up (literally and otherwise), this sculptor that specializes in wire is turning his focus towards hosting his first-ever solo exhibition in the US, here in Colorado Springs.

Additionally, Byeongdoo Moon is working to think up and create his next piece of art which will be informed by the experiences and interactions he has had in Colorado.

I see, hear, feel, and make art as I did in Korea. As I've been busy setting up this studio and finishing my artwork, I haven't had a chance to think about adjusting, yet. But my family and I see our move here as a giant adventure, a giant leap that will further our understanding of our place in this world.
Byeongdoo Moon

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