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Fact check: Academy D20 Teachers upset with high workload and low pay, but how much are they earning compared to other districts?

Colorado Department of Education: Average teacher salary in D20 is $53,965
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Posted at 3:33 PM, Feb 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-19 22:56:38-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — Public data from the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) shows the average non-charter school teacher salary in District 20 is $53,965 for the 2020-2021 school year.

Surprisingly, that number declined slightly from the 2019-2020 school year where the average ASD20 teacher salary was $54,877.

For charter school teachers in the district, the pay is even lower. $38,048 is the average yearly salary for a charter school teacher, according to public records.

How do D20 salaries compare to other nearby districts?

Cheyenne Mountain District 12: $57,902/year

District 11: $57,440/year

Academy District 20: $53,965/year

Fountain District 8: $53,634/year

Manitou Springs: $52,044/year

District 49: $49,623/year

Harrison District 2: $49,613/year

Widefield: $49,293/year

Pueblo District 60: $53,191/year

Pueblo District 70: $53,979/year

Curious where your school district sits on the list? Click here for an itemized spreadsheet of average salaries for charter and non-charter school teachers.

What's missing from the data?

A school district spokesperson told News 5 the data does not account for the cost of living increases that impact many Coloradans.

News 5 has reported extensively in the past on the high cost of living which is quickly catching up to the Denver Metro market.

Public data shows salaries in the Denver area are significantly higher than salaries in Colorado Springs.

For example, the average teacher salary in Denver County is $68,522/year. The average teacher salary in Jefferson County is $64,077.

The district with the highest paying teacher salary is in Boulder. Boulder Valley RE-2 has an average annual teacher salary of $82,972.


Q: What prompted you (KOAA 5) to look into teacher salaries?

A: On Friday, ASD20 announced the district was canceling high school classes after 30-percent of its teachers called out in an organized "sick out". Teachers voiced concerns at Thursday's Board of Education meeting about their work loads increasing without seeing an increase in pay/compensation. News 5 covered that meeting here.

Q: Can I find teacher salaries for previous school years online?

A: Yes, the Colorado Department of Education has data posted several years back. Here's where to go to access that database.

Q: What is the lowest paying district for teachers?

A: Vilas RE-5. The average salary is $28,750.