Photographer highlights beauty in COVID-19 isolation

Posted at 3:27 PM, Mar 25, 2020

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Everyday people are doing extraordinary things to make life right now, just a little bit better.

We use pictures to tell a story. Those pictures document a time in our lives that made us happy. Other pictures document something that we want to remember forever. That's exactly what one New York photographer is doing.

Jenny Sondel of Buffalo is documenting life as we know it -- at this moment-- in a series called "Project Stay at Home."

So many people are struggling in isolation. They are unsure of the future and looking for a sense of normalcy.

Sondel was in that same situation, so she went to something she loves: taking pictures.

Only now, when she's snapping those photos, they're of people on their porches, behind glass doors and at least six feet away.

"I see the joy they've having in their home and kids connecting with their parents, in a way maybe they couldn't before because we are so driven to work and hustle and sometimes there isn't time for that," Sondel said. "I hope that people look back, even on their photos and think of the time they got to spend together. I hope they look back at the photos and think, 'wow that's really cool that I got that documented and I can't wait to show my kids.'"

Sondel says we have to find the silver lining and find a way to connect with people, despite the distance between us.

She's snapping pictures around the Buffalo area. You can find a link to her Instagram page, here.

This story was originally published by Ed Drantch at WKBW.