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Marijuana on the ballot in Southern Colorado

Posted at 6:09 PM, Nov 08, 2022

SOUTHERN COLORADO — It has been 10 years since Colorado legalized marijuana at the State level. During that process, towns and counties across the state could determine whether their communities would allow for the sale of recreational marijuana.

Many counties and towns across Southern Colorado already have an extensive medical marijuana industry, however, while it is medical many of these towns and communities have a ban on recreational selling.

Again the legalization of recreational marijuana is on many ballots throughout southern Colorado. Below are analysis of the ballot measures, a summary of comments for and against them, and the fiscal information associated with each ballot measure.

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City of Colorado Springs Ballot Issue 300

An initiative from supporters of recreational marijuana is on the ballot in Colorado Springs as Proposition 300 for authorizing the regulation of recreational marijuana in the city, which currently only allows medicinal marijuana sales.

City Officials have expressed their disinterest and hope the city votes against the measure, City Council passed a resolution in October expressing their opposition to 300 and 301. While supporters of the initiative are arguing that the city is already losing large amounts of tax revenue that could be put back into community programs and projects.

As of 11:50 a.m., Colorado Springs Ballot Issue 300 is sitting with 56.95% of the vote against the issue.

City of Colorado Springs Ballot Issue 301

If the measure on recreational marijuana is passed ballot measure 301 is asking for the city to increase taxes by $5,600,000 annually with a marijuana sales tax of 5% that would generate revenue to solely be used in funding public safety programs, mental health services, and post-traumatic stress disorder treatment programs for veterans.

The city would also reserve the right to maintain any additional tax revenue generated through the tax to be used on voter-approved projects.

As of 11:50 a.m., the Colorado Springs Ballot Issue 301 sits at 52.65% in favor of the amendment.

Town of Palmer Lake Ballot Issue 2C

Voters in Palmer Lake will decide whether or not to implement a tax increase of $1,343,000 in the year 2023 and move forward with legalizing the recreational sale of marijuana.

The city would also take additional tax revenue generated through the sale of recreational marijuana by $15 million from the current $11.238 million to not surpass $26.238 million if the ballot question passes.

As of 11:50 a.m., the Town of Palmer Lake Ballot Issue 2C sits at 62.09% against the issue.

Town of Palmer Lake Ballot Issue 2D

If ballot issue 2C passes, the town of Palmer Lake is looking to limit the number of marijuana dispensaries within city limits. If 2D passes it would limit the number of dispensaries within the city to two.

As of 11:50 a.m., the Town of Palmer Lake Ballot Issue 2D sits at 55.44% in favor of the issue.

Cripple Creek 2B - Marijuana Taxes

The City of Cripple Creek is also looking at legalizing the sale of marijuana. Cripple Creek ballot measure 2B is a ballot to impose the taxation of medical marijuana sales and is looking to generate between 100,000 - 1,000,000 dollars in tax revenue in the first full fiscal year of 2023.

2B also outlines the taxation plan for marijuana sales for the years to follow as well. After the first fiscal year, the city would be imposing a 5% excise tax on all recreational sales in the future.

The city would use the initial 25% of the excise tax income to use as destination marketing for the City of Cripple Creek. An additional 18% tax on any marijuana transaction, with a flat $5 dollar rate per transaction on medical and recreational sales if it passes.

The tax revenue from these marijuana taxes will be used by the city for whatever purpose they may need with voter approval as stated in the ballot language and in line with the Colorado constitution.

As of 11:50 a.m., Cripple Creek Issue 2B sits with 50.79% voting yes on the Marijuana Tax.

Cripple Creek 2C - Allow Marijuana Sales

Cripple Creek's ballot measure 2C is concerning the actual sale of marijuana in the city and is asking whether or not licensed facilities should be allowed to sell marijuana in Cripple Creek. If passed Cripple Creek will begin the selling of marijuana within city limits and collect tax on those transactions.

As of 11:50 a.m., issue 2C shows 57.31% of the vote in favor of retail marijuana sales.

City of Lamar 300 - Restricting Marijuana

The City of Lamar is proposing an all-out total ban and penalization of marijuana within city limits. Ballot question 300 would see a new city amendment added to the city charterthat would make any form of production, and distribution illegal within city limits.

As of 11:50 a.m., the City of Lamar issue 300 sits at 54.93% of the vote against the proposed amendment.

Sugar City 2A - Marijuana Sales Tax (5%)

In the ballot measure of Sugar City for ballot measure 2A which would see a 5% tax on the sale of any marijuana products beginning in 2023. The tax revenue generated is used by the city for any voter-approved project.

As of 11:50 a.m., Sugar City 2A issue is at 56.39% against the proposed taxation issue.

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