Colorado Springs issues among ballot questions this Nov.

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Posted at 5:04 PM, Aug 18, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — Colorado is no stranger to mail-in ballots and lots of questions to answer on them.

"In Colorado, we trust our voters much more than many other states do," said former Secretary of State and current city councilman Wayne Williams, who added the many questions we see on our ballots is part of the reason voting by mail is so popular "people like that opportunity to really study up those ballot issues."

This November, a packed ballot is likely going to be the case again. So far, eight statewide initiatives are on the ballot and last week, the city council approved three additional questions for voters in Colorado Springs to consider.

TABOR Retention

As is the case with many local governments across the country, the stay at home orders during the pandemic caused a loss of revenue in sales tax. In order to make up for it, city leaders are looking to keep excess revenue under the Taxpayers Bill of Rights or TABOR. The question asks to use 2019 as the baseline to calculate growth instead of 2020.

What's TABOR again?

If you need a refresher on the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights, here's a quick recap:

"TABOR" explained in 1 minute

Since TABOR limits spending to the previous year's revenue plus growth and inflation, the intent behind the ballot question for city leaders is to prevent a ratchet down effect. Some of the money would be earmarked for public safety.

Ballot Language

This is how the question will read on your ballot:

Dueling Park Questions

Two city initiatives will also ask voters what they think is the best way to handle the sale or transfer of the city's parkland. One initiative would require a super-majority (7 members) of the city council in order for a process to go through. The other initiative would require voter approval for a land swap.

The ballot language for both questions indicates whichever question receives the most votes of approval would be the process the city would take.