Counties hiring election judges for November

Posted at 6:12 PM, Sep 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-02 21:13:17-04

COLORADO — As election day nears the two month mark, counties are working to make sure its services are fully staffed for the big day.

Colorado is a unique situation compared to other states. While primarily a mail-in ballot state, there's also an opportunity for people to vote in person. For this reason, there's a need to get hundreds of people hired.

"We need a broad swipe of people to be able to participate, we look for party balance so we're looking for party balance: Republicans, Democrats, Unaffiliated voters," El Paso County Clerk and Recorder Chuck Broerman said.

Some of the positions are for one day and others are for weeks. El Paso County for example is looking to fill500-600 positions. The pay is $15.50/hour depending on qualifications.

Counties also work with local political parties to make sure there's a balance of Democrats, Republicans, and Unaffiliated voters helping out with the the Voter Service and Polling Centers (VSPCs).

In Pueblo county, Clerk Gilbert Ortiz says they've already received three hundred applicants for the 150 positions they need to fill. He says most of these positions began recruiting early on as political parties held caucuses.

The increased interest, is a relief for Ortiz.

"We don't know if it's because of the unemployment situation, if it's an increased interest, we'll find out when we interview the candidates," Ortiz said.

Even with the increased interest, Pueblo county is still accepting applications. To apply click here: Election Judge Applications.