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Winter works of art: Artist creates massive snow drawings in Silverthorne

Massive snow drawings
Simon Beck creates snow drawings near Silverthorne, Colorado
Simon Beck creates snow drawings near Silverthorne, Colorado
Snow drawings near Silverthorne
Snow drawings near Silverthorne
Simon Beck creates snow drawings near Silverthorne, Colorado
Massive snow drawing created by Simon Beck
Posted at 11:17 AM, Jan 16, 2020

SILVERTHORNE — When you think of snow-related activities you might consider skiing and sledding, crafting snow angels and snowmen, but Simon Beck takes his winter weather activities in a different direction, creating truly massive drawings in the snow.

Beck has been traveling the world for the past 15 years making these giant drawings in the snow and two weeks ago, his path turned toward Colorado.

The town of Silverthorne brought out the artist who has been hard at work stamping intricate designs into the snow-covered earth in and around the town.

Beck uses his past profession as a cartographer to aid him in his pursuit to shape the enormous, geometric spectacles that only ever last until the next snowfall or until the wind blows the snow over them.

Beck says that each drawing is constructed in a matter of hours before being photographed to secure its image before it disappears forever.

The artist's time in Silverthorne has come to a close, its temporary transformation soon to disappear outside photos and videos; however, Beck is making another stop inside the state, heading next to Leadville.

To see more of Beck's artwork, you can follow him on his professional Facebook page.