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Massive 320-foot mural celebrates history of Conejos neighborhood

Painting a Wall
Posted at 7:28 PM, Aug 29, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — Work on the massive mural being painted along the Colorado Avenue underpass at I-25 is continuing with the assistance of the Colorado Springs community.

The mural, measuring 320 linear feet and covering both sides of the interior of the underpass, is intended to celebrate the history and future of the Conejos neighborhood.

Mauricio Ramirez, the artist behind the project, set up the project to include several public paint days, allowing those in the community to participate in the creation of a piece of public art.

"I believe that anything that is in the public realm, in people's lives," stated Ramirez, "that people should have some sort of ownership of it, and this [community paint day] allows the public to come out and take charge and actually put in some work."

The community members that participated in the final community paint day (August 29th) expressed a joy to be able to participate in celebrating diversity, creating public art, and working as a team.

One side of the mural depicts black-and-white portraits of previous Conejos residents while the other features full-color images representing the contemporary Hispanic community of Colorado Springs.

The project is being presented by the Downtown Development Authority’s Gateways Initiative in partnership with several organizations.

The DDA Gateways Initiative uses public art, signage, aesthetic lighting and landscaping to spark a sense of arrival at key entryways to Downtown Colorado Springs. The Gateways Initiative highlights Downtown’s unique identity by referencing historic landmarks, contemporary cultural hubs and beloved natural features. The enhancements installed through the Gateways Initiative, including the Conejos Mural Project, make Downtown more welcoming, engaging and accessible to residents and visitors of all walks of life.
Downtown Partnership Colorado Springs

Organizers behind the project hope that the mural will help to also bring more character to the space and make it feel more comfortable for pedestrians.

The project started on August 18th and is expected to wrap up around September 8th.

For more information on the project and the DDA Gatways Initiative,CLICK HERE.