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Life seen through a camera's lens: 15 years of sunsets together

Posted at 5:00 PM, Nov 27, 2020
and last updated 2023-07-14 10:44:01-04

ELEVEN MILE RESERVOIR — Joe and Kimmie Randall have been capturing Colorado through photographs for about 15 years. They work side by side, in cordial competition, dedicated to stepping away from the pell-mell pace of life to be surrounded by quiet beauty and each other's company.

Standing at the top of all sacred traditions between the couple of photographers (who are, in fact, a couple) is the need and drive to capture each day's sunrise and/or sunset.

The daily act has become such a cornerstone in their lives, that they say family and close friends plan and expect the two avid, outdoor adventurers to always be out and about during the early morning and evening hours.

"Every sunset and every sunrise is different, so you never get the same thing twice," said Kimmie excitedly.

Kimmie and Joe both work in the tech industry and use their photography as a way to escape the chaos of life and grow closer together.

"It helps us dynamic-wise, all throughout our lives," commented Joe.

"[This] gives us a moment of peace to sit and just be still in a world where chaos is all around," continued Kimmie.

The two help push each other to greater heights, better photos, and more interesting adventures.

The two are avid believers in the power of getting outdoors and experiencing Colorado and hope others can find the peace that they've found through their own photography and adventures, large or small.

Kimmie and Joe run a gallery together that catalogs their photos taken throughout our beautiful state and help paint a picture of the stories the two have shared and captured along the way.

We hope to share the magnificence and wonder of the great state of Colorado and wish to share the tranquility and peace we've experienced. We hope you're able to experience the wonders and beauty of the state we're so proud to call home.
Kimmie and Joe Randall

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