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Gravity Glue: Balancing rocks in mind bending ways

Posted at 9:23 PM, Jul 28, 2020

COLORADO — Here in Colorado, there is an artist that creates mind-bending sculptures from loose rocks and whose only tools are patience and the pull of gravity.

Michael Grab started stacking rocks in eye catching ways as a hobby back in 2008, and after four years of splitting his time between his job and his fascinating hobby, he made a choice.

Grab quit his job and started to stack rocks in more and more intricate ways and photograph the results as his full-time job.

Now Grab spends almost every day finding and stacking rocks of every shape and size, a practice that is as time consuming and mesmerizing as it is meditative.

"It's a whole different world that pretty much everyone overlooks. Everyone is kind of in this busy rush to get somewhere and to go on with whatever they're doing," stated Grab, "but, beneath the surface, there's this entire world. In my opinion and experience it's pretty magical, there's not really another way to explain it."

Gravity Glue: Balancing Timelapse

His work has been globally recognized, allowing this unique artist to travel extensively, creating amazing temporary sculptures and structures all over and sharing his creativity with the world.

Each new day of creativity, Grab strives to outdo his past rock stacking sculptures and each day he is once again entranced by the beauty of his natural working environment, both powerful motivators that push him to continue to create.

I quickly noticed the therapeutic/transformative effects that balancing and working with nature had on myself and others; in an artistic sense, but also nurturing something uniquely human, inspiring a sense of magic and peace, luring awareness out of the mind and into the moment — ultimately cultivating a meditative presence.
Michael Grab

To learn more about Michael and view some of his incredible work visit his WEBSITEor FACEBOOK.