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BTS: Making a firework show safe (and fun) for the public

Posted at 12:25 PM, Jul 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-30 12:44:53-04

(COLORADO SPRINGS) – It’s July 3rd, otherwise known as the day before FIREWORK DAY!

However, with fire danger on the forefront of everyone’s mind, KOAA went behind the scenes to figure out what precautions the city of Colorado Springs had set in place, to keep their pyrotechnic displays safe and fun for everyone.

According to fire teams on scene, the safety measures look a little like this:

  • The must be approved by the fire marshall
  • The grounds must be inspected by an engineer
  • Then the area must be cleared of debris and flammable materials
  • A perimeter is then set
  • Then, the day of, the show is thoroughly looked at by an inspector
  • Fire teams arrive close to showtime
  • Spotters are placed in the immediate area and in surrounding neighborhoods
  • The wind is checked routinely to make sure it stays below 15 miles per hour

If anything is out of place by showtime, it could mean delays or even cancellations. All, of course in the name of safety.

Once the show is over, all small blazes are hunted down and put out, a process.