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Junior golfers visiting the Senior Open

Posted at 3:24 PM, Jun 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-30 12:47:25-04

(COLORADO SPRINGS) – The U.S. Senior Open brought golf enthusiasts from all over the map to the Broadmoor, and the first thing folks saw when they walked into the event? Aspiring leaders and young golfers from the First Tee of Pikes Peak.

“We’re selling programs to benefit the First Tee,” commented one First Tee member.

What, exactly, does the organization do for the area and our leaders (and golfers) of tomorrow?

“We golf, learn [important things], and do a lot of stuff,” stated another member confidently.

Stuff like teaching valuable life lessons and, of course, plenty of golf techniques to use in the game.

3/5 of the proceeds from each of the programs sold at the event go back to the club.

However, these young pros aren’t just attending the Senior Open to raise money, but also to meet some of their golfing heroes.

“So it’s really good to expose our junior golfers to something big, a big championship, to really see what they can strive to,” commented Sandy Johnson, the executive director for The First Tee of Pikes Peak.

Kids in the club say that First Tee makes striving for greatness pretty fun.