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The road to healthy living may be lined with worms

Posted at 11:34 AM, May 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-29 17:30:45-04


(COLORADO SPRINGS) – At the corner of healthy living and serious gardening exists one of the “worm ranches” of Colorado Springs.

“This place to me, is my interest, it’s my passion,” commented Ken Williams, co-owner of Rocky Mountain Worm Company.

This worm based organization has a heartfelt origin and some slimy, but interesting daily operations.

“Anything that you would associate with healthy plants and healthy soil, that’s what we are,” commented Jay Williams, co-owner and Ken’s oldest son.

Family run and worm operated, this place can be some messy work, “Our hands get quite filthy handling worms, fortunately we wash them quite well,” Ken elaborated.

There’s plenty of digging in the dirt, handling of worms, and washing of hands.

But the result is fertilizer fit for a king, or at least a plant of the tomato, okra, or what have you variety, “The way of the worm is the best way to go.”

The “ranch” was formed several years ago after an encounter with a life threatening disease, “My oldest son, jay, had a cancer experience,” commented Ken.

This made Jay think more critically about what he put in his body, “What is the one thing, that we all do every single day, and that’s eat, and how many times do we eat, and what all are we putting into our mouths to eat,” he commented.

That line of thought led to looking at what food grew in and what all goes into that soil, “And then branching that into an entire business. Centered around how to get the best food that we possibly can for ourselves, and using that as medicine.”

The family knew worms had a vital role to play, “So we began with what we knew, that was the worms,” said Ken.

Now the family hopes to educate others to watch what they eat; and just as importantly, how it was grown.

“If you can at least plant that seed and let that grow, if you will, it will impact not only their lives, but many, many lives down the line,” finished Jay.