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Colorado Springs’ rock painting trend grows, touching lives in the process

Posted at 1:38 PM, Feb 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-29 14:05:20-04

(COLORADO SPRINGS) – Painted rocks with cute pictures and positive messages are showing up here there and everywhere around Colorado Springs and the rest of the state.

Most of these tiny wonders are coming from the group named “719 Rocks!” The group, which started in 2016, has since grown to more than 46,000 members and has created several fan pages.

“We’ve gotten people from California, Florida, all throughout the country,” commented Armando Lopez, organizer of “719 rocks found!” a fan page of 719 Rocks.

Lopez said the rocks are improving lives in our community.

“And some of [these rocks] have given them hope in life. Like I said, these rocks have positive messages, and it’s just good to see how it influences them,” he continued.

Perhaps the most touching example of that can be found in the story of Rebecca Pfeifer, “I was fighting breast cancer last year, and my husband and I came home from one of my appointments and found this rock, at my front door.”

The gift provided a bit of hope in a dark time in her life.

“It totally touched my heart and brightened my day, after such a terrifying appointment,” Rebecca continued.

And since chemo kept her indoors and away from social events and outings, she took up this hobby, “And I was addicted.”

During the second half of her several month-long treatment, Rebecca painted hundreds of rocks. In fact, she claims the hobby and mental exercise helped keep her optimism and health at peak conditions, allowing her treatments to stay on schedule.

“It kind of put me in a whole different world. A world that was calm and stress-free. It really helped take my mind off of fighting a battle for my life.”

Now that her cancer is in remission, Rebecca plans to continue painting and hiding rocks, wishing to one day return the favor paid to her.

“I’m hoping that I can touch someone’s life the same way that rock touched my life,” she said.

Rock painting enthusiasts are working to spread this cheerful collaboration spread across the country. The group has seen photos of painted rocks, originating from the 719 area found in other states.

“We are really amazed at how the group has grown since this time last year, and we love seeing how far the rocks spread and all the joy it has brought to so many people,” stated Jennifer Tews, creator of the 719 Rocks group.

Lopez, who’s an active military member, said he hopes to bring this pastime to his next post. He plans to start a new rock painting trend on the East Coast, once he’s relocated.

“It would be nice if we could get this started in other states,” Continuing to spread cheer with these hidden gems across the country.

As for here in Colorado Springs, Jennifer hopes the trend will continue to bring smiles and help others, “We are now looking to having a painting party each month that sponsors a non-profit organization here in the 719 area in order to get out awareness about local groups who are helping others within our community.”

For more information on what 719 Rocks is doing you can CLICK HERE and join in.