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Rush Cafe will close after almost 60 years of serving up food and community

Posted at 6:49 PM, Feb 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-29 14:06:37-04

(RUSH) – On the outskirts of El Paso County, in the small town of Rush, stands the decades-old Rush Cafe. The cafe has been family owned and operated for nearly 60 years, serving up dishes and a sense of community to anyone and everyone.

“Everyone has always just enjoyed it for its community,” commented Sherie Kelly, co-owner of the cafe.

Due to changing times and a need to retire, Sherie and her husband, are closing their doors.

“It’s been a great community,” said Willis Kelly, co-owner of the cafe, “A wonderful place to live, a lot of good people. But we’re just tired, we’re old and tired. So, we’ve come to the point where we can’t do it anymore, and it doesn’t seem like anyone else is interested in running it, so there isn’t much else we can do.”

Those in Rush, aren’t quite sure what they’re going to do now. The Rush Cafe, is the only sit down restaurant for miles around, and one of the few gathering places as well. Many are afraid they may lose contact with friends they met up with at the cafe.

“I’m going to have to cook, and I don’t like that,” one customer joked.

Regulars are wishing their longtime hosts a happy, relaxing retirement after years of running the restaurant as the Rush Cafe stays open for its final days.