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Going to Super Bowl LII? Better open your billfold wide

Posted at 2:24 PM, Feb 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-30 12:47:37-04

(COLORADO SPRINGS) – It’s Super Bowl time and believe it or not, there’s still time to plan and book your trip to go see the game in person, but it’s going to cost you! How much
it will cost you depends on your desire for decadence or need for frugality.

For the sake of brevity, the costs we’ll be looking at will only include two things:

the cost of a Super Bowl ticket
and the cost of two nights at a hotel
If you are going the bare bones, lowest hotel price and lowest ticket price, route you’ll still have to pay close to $4,200. That’s a two night stay in room costing $146 plus taxes and deposits.
Then you’ll have to buy your ticket which, at its lowest, costs $3,722 dollars. That’s in the nosebleeds and as far away from all that glorious football action as possible.

For that same price you could pay the average rent in Colorado Springs,  which is $1,500 dollars per month according to Trulia,  for nearly 3 months.

Let’s move on to how much you could possibly spend going to Super Bowl LII.

We’ll start with the hotel cost, which is the cheaper of the two items. You could rent a 12 bedroom, 15 bed, and 8 bathroom house for $18,500 per night plus taxes and deposits. For two nights that total comes to over $46,000.

However, that’s a far cry for what you’ll pay for those premium tickets.For tickets that will put you right next to the action, on the sideline, where you can witness this game of division champions at its closest, you’ll have to pay $120,002.50.

Together with the hotel, you’re paying more than $171,000.

But really, how much money is that? Let’s break it down.

With a price tag of $999, you could buy the iPhone X 171 times.

Or you could choose to spend that money to buy a CAT brand backhoe which come in at $150,000 and still have money left over for a trailer to haul it with.

You could even, if you were so inclined, buy 9 of those massive tires that are used to make mining trucks roll and cost upwards of $18,000 a pop.

Perhaps most importantly, you could use all that cash to purchase 25,000 bags of chips and another 25,000 cans of dip so you can enjoy that Super Bowl on News 5 from the comfort of your home.